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Commercial-Free Weekend, Ricky Howard's New Song, Summer Concerts, New Music matters, Top 5

We began US 41 in March 2021 with 20,000 songs Commercial-Free. We thought we'd bring back some of that "old-school" feel to US 41. Of course, that can't be done without the cooperation of our current advertisers, so we want to thank all of them for their support.

Ricky Howard's new song "Put the Phone Down" is a bit of a conundrum. The subject matter has certainly touched a nerve with our audience, who continue to ask about the song. The problem, many of those who ask, are asking us "not to play the song anymore." Sure, it's a little heavier than most of the songs on US 41, but to me, that adds to the song. Angry song, angry melody. We want to thank Ricky for his contributions. He's really taken an interest in US 41 over the past year, and we've had tremendous success with Ricky's music on the station, not to mention his contributions to our live shows.

We're "This Close" to making an announcement on the location of our Summer Concert Series. These will be indoor shows. We should have a "reveal" of the location and our first show in a week or so.

Lots of good new music on US 41...Local and national. Check out The Black Moods-Saturday Night, Ken Valdez-Alive, and all our super-talented current and local artists. Music can't move forward if we don't support our new music, and we try and find new music that fits in with our library tracks. One of my major complaints with the current state of commercial Rock Radio is their embrace of mediocrity. The major labels and radio are favoring dated, "same as it ever was" Rock bands, who don't have a prayer of becoming mass appeal., and radio just plays along. There is tons of GREAT indie talent, and we'll continue to bring that to you on US 41.

Have a great week and thanks!-Matt


US 41 TOP 5

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