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Giving Back

I'm not here to pat myself on the back, but "giving back" has always been a part of my broadcasting career. I'm so blessed to be doing pretty much exactly what I dreamed of doing as a kid, and getting paid for it, I've always felt that volunteering to assist the community was part of the gig. Radio and TV stations are supposed to act in the public's interest, so whether it's radiothons, playing basketball on a donkey, eating enormous amounts of ice cream, or plunging into stagnant dunk tank water, I've always tried to "step up" and "pay it forward" so to speak.

Now that I have a vehicle like US 41 at my disposal, my plan is to do even more community work than I've done in the past. We'll be getting the station involved in beach/road clean-up, water-quality issues, and of course, we'll continue to promote our charitable work involving our Businesses Supporting Communities/US 41 live events.

I was speaking with Doug Harris, the Owner and General Manager of School of Rock, Fort Myers about the mission of US 41, and how it's my hope that the community rallies around the causes the station sponsors, like childhood music education. And when you have folks like Shannon Larkin who are generous enough with their time, that they'll spend an afternoon jamming with music students at Taco Fest, I can see that we have that kind of community spirit here in Southwest Florida, enough to make the station's mission a reality.

Please, everyone....consider US 41 YOUR SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COMMUNITY RADIO STATION. You can contact us with your events, fundraisers and other projects, and we'll happily put the station's muscle behind them. Contact us anytime at


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