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It Wasn't Perfect....But It Was Great Seeing Everyone an event called Taco Fest...we ran out of tacos. I knew we had a LOT of people coming when I saw a line before we even opened the gates...and the people just kept coming....and coming....and coming. About 3 TIMES the crowd we expected...So to any people who left the festival a tad hungry, I humbly apologize, and we'll do better next time....But how about that entertainment!!

Soulixer opened the show and put on their usual spirited, soulful performance. Always a buzz to hear "Kayla" performed live, and they're a talented and friendly band, always a pleasure to work with. Soulixer also have some announcements coming soon...We'll keep you posted.

Deb And The Dynamics, as usual had the crowd on their feet from the opening sax blast!! It's simply impossible NOT to enjoy a D&D performance. Their musicianship and song selection is unparalleled.

Closing the show was the students from School of Rock, Fort Myers. To say the kids have improved a LOT would be an understatement! They've always had the right attitude, now the playing is coming along too. Great job!

And finally, to Shannon Larkin of Godsmack and Apocalypse Blues Revival, thank you sir, for supporting the kids and US 41 Radio. Your gift to these kids will NEVER be forgotten, and is really what our musical fraternity is all about. Helping each other appreciate and nurture this wonderful gift of music....

And it was great to see everyone!!! Thank you Deb from Photo Creations By Deb for documenting the afternoon...See her photo below (and more on the US 41 Facebook page). My colleagues at Businesses Supporting Communities, Live Music Favorites, friends and colleagues I haven't seen in ages, The parents of the students who were so thrilled to see their kids up on stage with a guy who's in one of the biggest bands in the world!! All in all a very positive afternoon.....except for the goofball Yankees fan!

We'll see you out there soon!!

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