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My Favorite Guitar Players

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Before I get into this and people start moaning...Let's remember, this is MY list, and it's my FAVORITE guitar players, not necessarily who I consider to be the best or the most technically proficient...We'll go with a Top 5 List if that's OK? And to be honest, the list could change tomorrow!

#5: Steve Howe-Yes: Although I hate the way he's kept Jon Anderson out of the band for the past several years, his addition to Yes in 1970 changed the game for them completely. A master of virtually any kind of guitar and style, Steve Howe is a guitarist that continues to influence players to the present day.

#4: Joe Bonamassa :I saw a young Joe Bonamassa in a small club in Port Jefferson, NY back in the mid 90's when he was just a kid, and he was impressive as a player alright, but what was really impressive was the way he carried himself with a combination of poise and wide-eyed innocence. I knew he was a star then, and it's been great to watch him mature as a player and as a person.

#3: Steve Hackett: The first guy I ever saw doing that "hammering" technique that Eddie Van Halen made so popular was Steve Hackett, during his time in Genesis. Maybe the most "romantic" guitar player on the list, Hackett remains extremely underrated. Listen to the playing on "Selling England By The Pound," both the acoustic and electric guitar, and you'll see what I mean

#2: Keith Richard: Good God...The riffs. For those alone he should probably be number one...but I so love listening to my #1 play!

#1: Brian May-Queen: An unmistakable sound, his homemade guitar "The Red Special," makes music that other guitar players can only dream about. The first time I heard Queen in 1973 I became a fan, and having seen the last Queen tour, Mr. May remains at the top of my list.

So....who's your favorite guitar player?

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