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Our First "Most Requested-Most Detested," The B-52's Station News, Strong New Local Music, New #1

I remember when "Rock Lobster" came out in the late 70's. People either LOVED the song, or HATED the song...There was no middle ground...(By the way, the B-52's just announced a farewell tour. We have the dates on our Facebook page)

Other songs that caused that same reaction come to mind, "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners, "Karma Chameleon," from Culture Club.

In the radio research business, they call songs like this "Irritants," and those songs are for the most part strictly off-limits. Well, it seems we have our very own "Irritant" here at US 41. The latest song from Ricky Howard, and our new #1 song, "Put the Phone Down." It was the beneficiary of the most "requests" while at the same time, it was the song that caused people to TURN OFF US 41 more than any other song on the station. Clearly, we have a love/hate thing going on here. Sure the song is loud, in your face, and the vocal is a tad "whiney." But that's the point! You can't express anger with a flute and acoustic guitars, and besides the whole thing is tongue-in-cheek. So you "Put the Phone Down Haters" lighten up! Or is the subject matter hitting too close to home for some of you!!

On the live music front. We hope to have an announcement on a series of local club shows featuring national artists very soon, and we're sitting on a BIG announcement on US 41's participation in one of Southwest Florida's biggest live events!!

Some interesting new music/artists on US 41. First, a young band from Naples called Today We Sleep. We debuted their single "A Step To Take" on Friday morning's show, and I'm really impressed by this bands musicianship. There are modern elements to the song, but much of the instrumentation and vocal are straight from 70's Prog Rock.

And we've worked with White Crow before. In fact they had a song called "Rivers" that finished at #20 on our year-end countdown. Richard and Deborah Farsi not only lead White Crow, but Richard is an author with several books to his credit, and he's getting set to release a movie based on his "End Horizons" novels. Their new song "Silent Scream" is on US 41, and we're also busy promoting Richard's books and Deborah's merch business WC tee's and Merchandise.

We debut The Flower Power Hour With Ken & MJ today (Sunday) at 9am Eastern. 3 hours of throwback music with a Hippie vibe...Should be "Trippy"

Have a great week-Thanks for your continued support-Matt


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