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Roxx Revolt & The Velvets and The Freecoasters On Tour, ANGIE at CC Bike Night, Music Adds, Top 5

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

As we close out another #swfl weekend, it's a monumental weekend for local music. Two of our finest, homegrown, local bands are on tour nationally!

Congratulations to Roxx Revolt & The Velvets and The Freecoasters, who both are in the van, traversing the highways and byways of the US, and playing for appreciative audiences all over the country...

Roxx's tour took them to Jacksonville, Bensalem, Pa, Jersey City, NJ, and tonight (Monday) they play in New York City!!!

Meanwhile The Freecoasters tour saw them visit Jacksonville as well, and they'll be playing Chicago and Detroit in the coming days.. How amazing is it that OUR bands are showing the whole country what they can do, in venues where some of the coolest indie bands ever, have played to packed houses. We wish both bands good luck, and of course, both Roxx and The Freecoasters are a huge part of what we do here on US 41.

Closer to home, ANGIE hit a home run, opening the prestigious Cape Coral Bike Night show. They put on a solid, fun performance, and the packed crowd LOVED them. I understand new music is in the offing from ANGIE, and they're anxious to get that music out to you! By the way, it was nice to get back out to Cape Coral Bike Night. I hosted that great event for years, and Todd King and his staff made US 41 feel most welcome! And Todd ROCKED our US 41 baseball cap!

Oasis-What's the Story Morning Glory is our US 41 Featured Album this week!!

That's it for this week...Music adds and the Top 5 below. Have a great week and thanks for the support!-Matt


US 41 TOP 5

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