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Southwest Florida = Austin

I was talking to Howard Merlin Wulkan of the fabulous Farmadelica Sound in Bokeelia, Fl., and we were discussing the local Southwest Florida music scene. I told him that for years, I had been told by the "powers that be" in Southwest Florida radio, that there was no talent worthy of the radio station's time or investment. Funny, the dudes saying that stuff never hit the clubs, never sought out the music, they just made a blanket statement because they didn't want to deal with the people making original music in Southwest Florida.

I don't know if you've been watching TV, but we've had a couple of folks from our area do pretty well on those music competition shows. (that I HATE, but are understandably popular)

Roxx Revolt And The Velvets have a record out that's getting SERIOUS airplay on US 41 and some other small stations around the country. Any weekend, you can see great original music at venues like Ollie's, and South Street, Whiskey Park and others.

And the Buddha has stepped up their booking in recent months (and cleaned the place up too)

So when Howard and I were talking, he mentioned that the Fort Myers/Cape Coral/Naples area could be the next "Austin, Texas" if the talent is nurtured and cultivated properly, and that's where Howard, US 41, and other supporters of the Southwest music scene come in....WE KNOW the talent is here....And we're going to make sure the whole world finds out about it.

Rock Non-Stop,


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