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The Perfect Rock Song

I have this discussion with my music loving friends all the time.. A song will come on and I'll say "That's a PERFECT Rock song!" And what I mean by that is, everything, the vocal, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the chorus, the middle-eight, was recorded and performed to absolute perfection. And there's a bunch of 'em.. In fact there are certain albums like Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones that I believe are flawless.

But let's talk about "the song" A song that I consider to be the PERFECT Rock song. It was recorded in 1963 and was actually the flip-side of a #1 song. What makes it perfect? #1, the rhythm. It makes you want to dance, #2, the lyrics, it's about being young and wanting sex, what all great Rock songs are about (if I can say that without coming off as your pervy grandpa!) #3 It has harmony vocals that are so good they make me want to cry. #4 It has a short but incredibly sweet guitar solo, an infectious chorus, and the middle-eight...breathtaking! "Well my heart went boom..when I crossed that room"

So.. maybe you guessed the's the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There." My choice as the "MOST-PERFECT" of the

Rock songs. What's your choice?

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