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Tribute Acts...Yes Or No?

Obviously, everyone knows where I stand on Tribute Bands. I book them all the time. They provide excellent value, provide entertainment that audiences appreciate, and give some of my musician friends an opportunity to make some REAL money for the first time in their careers. And there's another reason that I'll get into in a moment.

But I understand those that refuse to support the tributes. They want to see the real deal, and find the whole "tribute" idea foolish. They're usually the same people who say, "I won't see...let's say "Journey" because Steve Perry isn't in the band anymore"...Hey, to each his own.

But here's the most important reason that I support tribute acts. If it's been OK for symphony orchestras to play the music of deceased composers like Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky all these years, why isn't it OK for a well rehearsed tribute band to play the music of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and John Lennon? Rock n' Roll music is the classical music of our generation, and deserves to live on for generations.

And in the case of bands that are still active...or the members are still alive...Have you checked on prices for concert tickets for The Rolling Stones recently?....Fleetwood Mac?....Paul McCartney?...These guys want to get paid, and if I can see a solid tribute act for a fraction of the price...I'm game!

I hope you come out to AX-MAS and support our "Christmas Party." We have 2 tribute acts. Erasmith, performing the music of Aerosmith, and Completely Unchained, doing their incredible Van Halen The School of Rock, Fort Myers with special guest Johnny Jensen. You won't see Steven Tyler or David Lee Roth, but we'll give you a damn good show that'll put a big smile on your face!!-Merry Christmas!!


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