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US 41 And Our Commitment To Local Music

As I mentioned in a post several weeks back, US 41 was born out of a need for a creative release following the death of my older sister Mel several years ago. I fine-tuned it during the early months of 2021, to bring it to it's current state, playing a wide variety of Rock Reggae Blues and R&B music, plus a collection of some of our finest local musicians...

So who's getting airplay on US 41 from Southwest Florida....Here's who is onboard so far....

Roxx Revolt & The Velvets

The Collective


Renee Hose

The Apocalypse Blues Revival

Dale Fisher

Ricky Howard


Anthony Bernabei

Brian Howe

Rik Ferrell and the Borrowed Saints

Charlie Pace

The Freecoasters


Sean Chambers

Plus regional acts like Shaw Davis and the Black Ties, Selwyn Birchwood, Damon Fowler and more...With more music being submitted every day. And your music is being heard, truly all over the world. 60 countries, 6 continents, plus people right here in Southwest Florida.

Airplay is great, but those artists/bands that want to go a little further and discuss a more detailed marketing plan for your music/gigs, please get in touch with me. I've put together a package that will include US 41 airplay, live commercials and social media/website exposure to help bring more attention to your work. I've already had one client sign on with more coming. I can be reached at

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Matt Hannam
Matt Hannam
Apr 14, 2021

Thanks for your support of local music. The Collective enjoyed receiving air time and appreciated it.

Replying to

You're getting 2-3 spins per day on "Save Your Soul"

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