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US 41 News, Festivals, Music Adds & a New #1 Song

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We're going to try a new format for our US 41 news...It's obvious, folks were getting tired of seeing my 63 year old face, (I think I'm a bit over-exposed!) so we'll go with a written blog format with video inserts and see how that goes....

If you haven't heard, Tribute Band Festival was an artistic success, but a financial disaster as the cold, wet weather wiped out any chance of a good crowd. Our thanks to all the bands involved, The Rush tribute Rushour was especially good, and of course, thank you to those that braved the elements.

US 41 will be a part of the Everglades City Seafood Festival, February 11th-13th. This legendary festival plays host to some amazing music, and this year's festival is no exception.

Equally excited for another Businesses Supporting Communities event too, on Saturday March 5th. It's Mardi Gras Festival from Noon-9pm in Centennial Park.

This show is headlined by MUDBONE 4.0 featuring Ricky Howard, Mario Infanti, Gerald Augustin Darrell Nutt, Luis Brito and Norberto "Chickie" Diaz. More information on this show here:

And the following weekend, March 12th, it's Taco Fest Cape Coral at the German/American Club featuring Soulixer & Deb & The Dynamics


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