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US 41 Presents Alec Prorock's New Single "Diving" From The EP "Gulf Coast"

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

ALEC PROROCK PREMIERES NEW SINGLE “DIVING” FROM UPCOMING ‘GULF COAST EP’ WITH US 41 RADIO... Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre bending, these are just a multitude of adjectives to describe solo composer, producer, and recording artist Alec Prorock. Some people would describe Prorock as an indie rock artist, and while that could be the case on the surface, traversing the miasma of his musical manifestations, you will discover a genre of his own materialization. The opening track of his upcoming project ‘Gulf Coast EP’ is called “Diving”, which is an appropriate name and demonstrates how the listener will feel after being introduced to Prorock’s unique sound. Dive into his latest EP, but then check out other Prorock projects as well like his first solo release ‘Cloud Chameleon’ (2015) and his work with St. Petersburg, FL based indie-band ‘Polyenso’, and their seminal album release ‘One Big Particular Loop’ (2013); a musical tour de force which topped at #46 on the iTunes Alternative Chart and #1 on BandCamp during its initial release.

Alec Prorock A graduate of the Bower School of Music at Florida Gulf Coast University, and with a strong background in studying music theory; Prorock incorporates his experience in jazz and classical music, which is the forefront of the almost minute-long instrumental intro that includes a polyrhythmic arrangement with moody and swinging jazz drums and a tranquil guitar ostinato, before a seamless transition into a completely new sound. As soon as the vocals commence, the song fuses jazz with that progressive indie rock vibe Prorock is known for, and even adds a hint of hip-hop with the percussions switching pace to that style. Each change cascades one after another from this point: the overture of ambient vocals intersects the repetition of the hip-hop beat, the drums and heavy upright bass introduces the smooth jazz trumpet Prorock is iconic for, and the harmonies course through the veins as the lyrics are interwoven into this entire specimen of musical creativity. As I said and as the lyrics and song name suggests, this single will have you ‘Diving’ through the Prorock catalog, and escalating your anticipation for more of this genre-bending EP to come out. ‘Diving’ will indeed have you craving for more of Alec Prorock’s indie-jazz fusion ballads. (Review by David Shaw)


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