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Week One

Can't thank you guys enough for the warm welcome. Internet radio is not new to me, but it's certainly different from terrestrial radio, where I worked for close to 40 years!

The best feeling is knowing that we're making a difference for both musicians and businesses here in Southwest Florida. Although the pandemic didn't hit us as badly as other spots in the U.S, a lot of our musicians and restaurants struggled mightily, and that's where perhaps US 41 can be of help. We're going to play the music of Southwest Florida musicians as part of our regular presentation. (we don't use the word "format") We're going to use our expertise to help musicians market their music worldwide, and support local businesses with common-sense, affordable advertising packages (once we're done running commercial-free that is!)

You'll see us out at community events including Taco Fest Cape Coral , and we're happy to work with advertisers and local musicians to spread your music and/or message. Please reach out to me anytime through this page, our social media, or

Rock Non-Stop,


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