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When Is It Time For A Musician To Hang It Up?

My answer to this question has evolved over the years... As I've aged... As the bands I've loved have aged... And as Rock Music has aged as well...

Ask the 25 year old Matt Mangas...and he probably doesn't want to see a 70 year old Mick Jagger prancing up on stage...Ask me now...and my answer is a musician should perform and record as long as there's any sort of audience that's interested in hearing what they are doing.

No one seems to have a problem with accountants or Presidents for that matter working well into their 70's, and as Mick and many of his contemporaries have proven, they can still deliver an exciting, compelling performance well past the age most folks have their feet up watching "Murder She Wrote."

Take a look at this Top Grossing Tours List of 2019 (2020 doesn't count-Covid)...Lot's of senior citizens on this list right!!

So, obviously these bands/artists are still economically viable, and you can expect to see many of these performers on the road this Summer/Fall as Covid restrictions begin to be lifted. Will the concert business ever return to it's former glories? Yes, but with common-sense changes that I hope will include more realistic ticket prices.

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As for aging Rockers.....You're an inspiration to us all.

No, you're never too old to rock and roll

If you're too young to die- Ian Anderson

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