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Wrestlemania, and My Years In The Pro Wrestling Business, New Local Music Adds, Top 5

Wrestlemania weekend is here...and that means a short break from radio station duties, and a couple of days absorbing my second passion, Pro Wrestling. Back in the 90's I owned my own "Pro Wrestling Hotline." a 900 number that got hundreds of calls a week. I also hosted a wrestling feature on WRCN-Long Island called "The Wrestling Report," did some ring announcing, and TV work for a promotion called "Coast to Coast Wrestling," that filmed a TV pilot for Sportschannel, NY that was never picked up. We were just about 2 years ahead of the big wrestling boom of the late 90's, and had a great roster, and I have no doubt, had the timing been different, I may have ended up doing wrestling on TV, rather than music on radio! In any case, I'm excited to see what WWE has in store for this weekend. They rarely disappoint during Wrestlemania weekend. It's quite a spectacle...

That's it for this week....Enjoy!


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